Saturday, November 7, 2009

Thai Grilled Chicken Wings

Looking for that perfect tailgating party food? Well, you've found it here.

The only way I make wings is on the grill. Chicken wings have the skin on and are therefore more fatty than other chicken pieces. Grilling allows for the fat to drop off and away from the meat.

Hmmmm, yummmm....I don't know about you but I so love it when you have the combination of crispy, char from the grill, moist meat, and a great sauce. Today I was looking for an Asian flair.

My visit to the Asian grocer in town inspired me. I picked up some tamarind paste and that's when my Thai sauce recipe came together.

Thai Grilled Chicken Wings
2 pounds of whole chicken wings
Basting Sauce:
4 thai bird chilies
1 lg clove garlic
2 tbsp of lime juice - my lime was juicy and only required 1/2 lime
2 tbsp sambal oelek
2 tbsp honey
1 tbsp olive oil
1 tbsp fish sauce - Viet Huong brand
1 inch cube of tamarind paste

Finely mince the chilies and garlic.

Squeeze tamarind paste through your fingers to make sure there are no seeds.

Incorporate all basting ingredients together and mix well.

Rinse the chicken wings.

Heat grill to high. Place wings on and immediately turn to medium to low.
(Every grill is different so guage the grill temperature on how your own grill heats. My grill is natural gas and tends to be really hot so I cook a lot on low. My low maybe medium to high on you're grill if you're cooking with propane.)

Baste the top side of the wings with sauce. Cook for about 10 minutes and turn. Baste the other side. Continue cooking and basting, turning every 7 minutes or so for about 30-40 minutes (depending on your grill).

Again, every grill is different. Once you get used to grilling wings you will know by the feel of the wings when they are done. When done, the wings become lighter in weight. I always recommend testing doneness by pulling one wing off the grill and pulling it apart to make sure it is done.


  1. Why not fried wings? Seem crispier to me. Also thanks for the photo of Asian products used. Asian markets always intimidate me when it comes to trying anything new.

  2. There are a few different reasons why I prefer grilling wings. First, to me the grilled flavor takes wings over the top delicious. I definitely love fried food with the best of them but to me when you fry wings and then put a sauce on them they have more of a tendency to become soggy. Wings naturally have more fat content because of the skin. Frying will impart more fat content while grilling allows for the fat to drop away from the meat. You're still getting a crispy wing but you'll also have the added flavor from the grill. Ultimately, if you prefer to fry and coat this with the sauce I'm sure you'll be happy!