Saturday, November 21, 2009


I love Asian soups. But, I've never had Vietnamese Pho soup until this week. My friend and I visited the Short North and North Market in Columbus. In doing my webernet research prior to the visit I found out their was a Vietnamese food stall in the market. I've been researching recipes of Pho for a few weeks so I of course took the opportunity to get my first taste.

Very interesting. Pho is completely different than any other soup, or dish for that matter, that I've ever tasted. The beef broth was served with rice noodles and thin slivers of beef. On the side I was given a stem of Thai basil, a healthy portion of bean sprouts, a lime wedge and hoisen sauce. I also took advantage of the Sriracha hot sauce on the counter. The recommended way to enjoy Pho is to tear the basil leaves into the soup and top it with the sprouts. Thai basil is so different that Italian basil. It tastes like a combination of basil and mint. The crunchiness and flavor of the sprouts in the soup was very pleasent.

Now I've got to figure out where I can get about 5 pounds of beef bones without paying an arm and a leg so I can make my own version of Pho. If I'm going to have a true Pho experience in my house I have to at least make my own beef broth.

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