Saturday, December 19, 2009

Kiser's BBQ Shack in Athens, Ohio

I would say I'm not a huge BBQ fan. Why? Because most of the time it's not done right. So often when I hear BBQ I think of that wonderful piece of meat that is so flavorful only to be smothered in a sweet, thick overpowering sauce that is so strong you can't even taste the meat.

Now if your in the same boat as I am, Kiser's BBQ Shack will redefine what you think of as BBQ. Kiser's BBQ Shack shook up the Athen's restaurant scene earlier this year when Sean, the owner, opened his BBQ pit in a small nondescript mall on East State Street.

You can tell when you come across someone that's just finished a lunch or dinner there. There is the typical dreamy look on their face with a relaxed smile. Usually the first thing they'll say is 'I just ate at Kiser's' with a little rub of their belly. The restaurant is full of happy patrons so I hope you can find a seat!

Seriously, I've had most of the BBQ meats on the menu. I think the only thing I haven't had is the brisket. The only reason why I've not had the brisket is Sean likes to tease us Athenians and only serves the brisket on Wednesday and Sundays. I've just not been fortunate enough to make it there on one of those days of the week. I think this Wednesday I'm going to have fix that.

The pulled pork is so amazing moist. The chicken wings are fall of the bone good of smoky chicken happiness. Kiser's has a few different sauces but my favorite is the Caroline sauce. It's a vinegar based sauce that wakes up all the pork goodness.

I haven't even mentioned the coleslaw. My Hub and I are kind of coleslaw afficianados. We honeymooned up in Maine which serves up a coleslaw that's creamy thick and sweet. Not a fav of mine. Kiser's coleslaw is so fresh. It has the perfect crunchy tanginess. The fries are all handcut and I've heard the beans are out of this world but haven't had a chance to try it yet.

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