Saturday, October 31, 2009

Thai Inspirations

While visiting in Cleveland this weekend we stopped off at one of my favorite Thai restaurants. Peppermint Thai Cuisine, in Pepper Pike, Ohio provides an upscale dining experience. This wonderful restaurant is where I discovered the sweet, sour, spicy goodness of thai curries. A few of my favorite are red, panaag, and green curry.

Peppermint Thai Cuisine serves up many dishes with a variety of curries along with such thai staples as kaffir lime leaves, basil, hot peppers, and fresh seafood. The photo provided here showcases their 'Romantic Fish' which is a sauteed walleye filet in a sweet, mild curry sauce.

At home I often experiment with my favorite curries to find different ways to incorporate them in dishes. Most often they are delicious in sauces but it is surprising how tasty curries are when used as a rub on chicken or fish.

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