Friday, October 22, 2010

Tomato Jelly and the Athens Farmer's Market

In Athens, Ohio we are extremely fortunate to have a wonderful farmer's market. In 2006, Audobon Magazine, ranked the Athen's Farmer's Market as one of the top 10 finest in the country. Living here in Athens, it is easy to see why the market has received such high accolades.

Strolling through the market, under a clear blue sky, with the sun shining down on a Saturday morning is mood altering. Too see the numerous vendors presenting beautiful, healthy products, and fresh, locally grown produce is purely inspiring. Inspiring from the sense of both finding ways to incorporate such beautiful ingredients in healthy meals but also to make more of an effort to grow more food on my own property.

Last Saturday, I came across Lynda who was selling really unique jams and jellies. In particular, this tomato jelly, peeked my interest. I'm not sure if it was the brilliant red of the jelly or the beautiful packaging. The farmer that made the jelly told me people have said it reminds them of strawberry jelly. One customer in particular told her that he likes to spread it on his hamburger bun.

I'm looking forward to finding ways to use this, whether it's on crackers with goat cheese or spreading it on a chicken breast and then baking it.

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