Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Highest Compliment

What an amazing experience.

Friday night I attended the 'Roger Waters-The Wall, Live' concert in Columbus. I was sitting in front of two gentleman that, prior to the concert, were giving the couple sitting next to me advice on where to eat. Honestly, there aren't a lot of places in Columbus that impress me but one restaurant, Big Fat Greek on Fishinger, is amazing. Of course it was difficult to just sit there and not offer my opinion. I tried to restrain myself.

During a break in the concert, they began the discussion again. I interjected with my suggestion of Big Fat Greek. One of the guys looks at me quizzically. I told him that it was on the corner of Fishinger and Route 33, next to Ursus Artspace. I then told him that I sell my handmade pottery in Ursus and kind of just stumbled onto the restaurant. (It looks like a fast food joint from the outside but once you enter, you'll realize it is so much more.

Anyways, without me saying anything more other than the fact that I sell my pottery there, he says, 'I bet I have a few of your pieces.' and he starts describing the glazes.

I pull up my website for Cracked Thumb Pottery and he exclaims, 'Yes, I have 4 of your pieces!'

Hello! This is a small world. What a compliment to run into somebody at a packed concert who admires my pottery. Wow!

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