Saturday, October 23, 2010

Make a Good Decision.

I feel like it's time to get my soapbox out. I'll say up front, I am not perfect. I make a lot of mistakes. I have a lot to learn. We all need to work on becoming more aware and making better decisions.

Do you remember the post on Snowville Creamery milk?

Today I was in the grocery store and watched as a woman was choosing Horizon milk when that brand sat right next to locally processed Snowville Creamery milk. Just because a milk is labelled organic does not mean it is the best milk. Snowville Creamery milk is minimally processed at the lowest temperatures possible. A lot of organic milk is processed at the same high temperatures that non organic milk is processed. This results in a significant loss in the nutritional and flavor values of the milk. Snowville Creamery creates a milk that does have a shorter shelf life but a ton more health benefits. Forget the nutritional difference, the flavor factor is the best benefit. Pour yourself a glass today and find out for yourself!

Read my previous post to find out more about the nutritional benefits.

Check out the Snowville Creamery's website to find out if a store near you carries this wonderful milk!

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